Different types of cosmetic dentistry

Working on cosmetic dentistry is mostly about fixing missing or failing teeth, or correcting the color. These either provide cosmetic benefits to teeth, or even help fix them and restore enamel. However, not all cosmetic jobs are created equal, and many of them are procedures that require a great deal of skill.

For those who are interested in starting or joining up with a business that provides cosmetic dentistry in Brooklyn or in any city, they’ll need to know about these procedures to ensure that they can fix all range of problems.

Types of dentistry

Inlays and onlays: These fillings are made in laboratories, and are used to cover up a tooth if there isn’t enough structure left to hold a filling. Inlays cover teeth and ensure that they took good to the outside world. Onlays cover the entire tooth and are often used when more of the tooth is damaged.

The inlays and onlays are made out of resin and act like tiles on a floor, where they help the damaged tooth retain its shape and protect them from further damage from food or other sources.

cosmetic dentistry in Brooklyn

Composite Bonding

No, it’s not something from science class, but instead a procedure that repairs damaged teeth. The dentist takes out the decayed parts of the tooth by drilling them out. Then the composite, a material that looks just like the tooth enamel, is molded to replace the decayed partÂ… almost like filling in a gap with cement.

Finally the material is dried and then covers the damage of the tooth, making it look completely normal.

Other sources

In addition, teeth whitening and repairing cracked teeth are also common procedures that need to be done. However, don’t expect life as a cosmetic dentist to simply be easy fixes, because people expect a lot from cosmetic dentistry.