What to Expect at Your DOT Physical

Visiting a doctor can sometimes be a scary experience. However, when you are visiting the physician for a DOT physical for the first time, things can be quite unnerving.  No one wants to visit the doctor and it certainly causes some stress, especially when you know so much is at stake. However, you can minimize some of the frustration that you feel before this visit by learning what to expect, some of which can be found below.

Complete Paperwork

Just like any other doctor, the DOT doctor requires a ton of paperwork be completed before your first visit. This paperwork is simply a way to get to know you on a more personalized level, but do expect a ton of questions. Fill out the information accurately and completely.

dot medical certification

General check-up

The DOT physical to earn your dot medical certification is a fairly simple exam. The purpose of the exam is to ensure that you can safely drive a truck across many miles. The doctor will make sure you are not obese or overweight, and be sure that you do not suffer from alcoholism or drug abuse, and look for any other medical conditions that could interfere with your ability to drive.

Urine samples

Be prepared to provide a urine sample. Just like other doctors ask for this sample, expect it at the DOT physical as well. The urine sample is not used to test alcohol or drugs, but instead to test for conditions like diabetes.

The whisper test

The whisper test is a hearing test the doctor will perform. It is essential to pass this test to earn your certification. This is a simple test that measures if you can hear horns and other noises when you are driving your truck.